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The signature pieces in the Javier T Dones Collection are produced on a piece of copper subjected to a chemical process.

This process will bring forward the copper's unique patina.

The process is then stopped and fixed.

In this way, you can not only brag about being the proud owner of a piece of Nature, but of having a piece of art you cannot find anywhere else but in the Javier T Dones Collection.



The techniques used to create these pieces continue the implementation of chemistry processes. This time applied to metals, powder metals, organic pigments, and enamels.

The textures and coloration are the product of these controlled chemical reactions, that in a way, become "frozen in time" on their support media.


Absolute beauty, unwavering quality, and the best craftmanship.



The art of chemistry is now at work creating more volume and richer textures.


Assisting in forging metals and binding different materials together in a never ending stream of combinations.


Not only look at the stunning beauty of this artwork, but feel it !!!


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